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The reason why this offer is even on the table right now is that I am renting a very small storage space to cut down on costs...

Once we finish up the stocks in the small warehouse, we will close it down until next year April at the very least...

Because we source our herbs directly from the Raika lands...

And just like with the tomatoes in your very own garden, herb-picking needs to be done just at the right moment.

Wait too little and pick it before the Gymnema Sylvestre has reached full-maturity, and you have 85% less effective active extracts which will not do a damn thing for you.

Wait too much, and pick old plants, and you will reach the production band with moldy, rotten stems which nobody should be ingesting.

Of course, if I had not cared, I'd turn a blind eye to this and I wouldn't even care about the state of my plants as long as I could push through with production, right?

I mean, if I could harvest them year-long, of course I would expand to worldwide-shipping and have a steady income stream, right?

Well, we are not here for the money. We are here for the results.

These are the last stock I have left over before the final 500 bottles come from the lab and the season ends.

If you bought 1, 3 or even 6 bottles, they will still not last you until next year's production starts...

You're still going to want to have the assurance that you gave your body enough time to kick start both vasopressin and insulin production.

Think about it this way: if you are in the lucky 25% of people who get it all fixed up in just 1-2 months, then you are still covered by the 60-day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee and you can return the leftover stock...

I had folks who ordered 13 bottles total, and donated the rest to local assisted-living homes.

And because people who've tried and tested this method have spread the word like wildfire...

My stocks are getting lower by the minute.

I will be limiting the next orders at 3 bottles max per order...

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To me, it only makes sense to stock up now, because you won't know when you'll be able to buy any more once the stocks are out for a minimum of 10 months...

That's the price we pay for caring about the bioavailability and absorption rate of our ingredients

But before you think you can make due with an investment in other supplements on Amazon, please be aware that not all extracts are created equal.

In order to turn a quick profit they extract year-round...

Regardless if you are getting prime-quality or purified, rotten, moldy plants mixed together.

Not only that, but buying every ingredient separately will set you back a minimum of $293 per month...

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That is basically their scheme and you fall for it year after year as you desperately look for relief.

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